The Pressure Of Organising The Office Christmas Party

There’s a great deal of pressure when it comes to organising the office Christmas party, because no one wants to be a failure at providing your employees or colleagues with a good time. From choosing the right Christmas party venue to sourcing the best festive offers, we’ve thrown together some of our ideas for Christmas parties and top tips that will have you remembered as the office party planning legend.


Plan Early

Hearing about Christmas in August certainly isn’t music to everybody’s ears, but if you want to secure your Christmas party venue with an open selection of dates, you need to start planning early on. Therefore our first top tip is to plan early and in advance, you might also score yourself an early bird deal; the festive offers always appear early on. Win, Win! There are lots of Christmas party venues in Hertfordshire that have exciting Christmas party packages.


Take It Out Of The Office

Our next piece of advice is, don’t keep it in the office! Unless you want work to be on the mind and if there’s one thing a Christmas party shouldn’t be, it’s an extension of the work day. Step outside the box into a new and exciting environment to celebrate Christmas with the team. However, one of our tips is to think wisely about location, do a bit of internal research to figure out what works best for the majority. If it’s far away, consider accommodation, question whether public transport is an option or whether you need to provide transport. Making it easier for your colleagues or employees is a big step in the right direction on the office party organising front!

If you’re a business where competitiveness is a thing, make the most of it by including a Christmas competition. Whether that’s a full blown quiz involving the entire office or a prize for the ‘best worst’ Christmas jumper, competitions are great ways of making the whole team feel involved. Our tips for a competition is similar to choosing your location, get a sense of what the office would prefer and run with it! Now, where did we put that reindeer jumper with baubles on it…?


Make Sure Guests Feel Special

A big tip we have, that often gets forgotten is how your guests are treated. If you’re an employer organising your office Christmas party, we recommend going out of your way to make your guests feel special, ensuring they feel the party is entirely for their enjoyment and doesn’t feel as if they’re attending your party, if you know we mean… Office Christmas parties are a great opportunity to bond, let them feel as if they can comfortably let their hair down and enjoy!



Our last tip might be considered to be the most important of all and that it the element of surprise. It’s likely that your employees or colleagues will have attended multiple Christmas parties and if they’ve been with your company for a while, the element of surprise is even more important. Step away from the traditions of your typical private Christmas party and throw in a random activity like ultimate Frisbee or skip the French vanilla cheesecake and replace it with the biggest chocolate fondant fountain you can find. Think differently and you’ll be thanking us later.


Our experienced events team are always looking to create and help arrange unforgettable Christmas parties, so if you’re experiencing a little Christmas party planning anxiety then get in touch with us: