The Making of Harry Potter

Have you ever wanted to visit Hogwarts? Well, now you can!

Harry Potter Studios is only a 15-minute drive from Aubrey Park Hotel. Located on the outskirts of Watford, you and your family can:

  • Admire the magnificent Great Hall
  • Creep through the breath-taking Forbidden Forest
  • Climb aboard The Hogwarts Express at Platform 9¾
  • Stroll through the centre of Diagon Alley
  • Marvel at the extraordinary Ministry of Magic

You will learn fun facts and trivia from people who were involved in the filming of Harry Potter. You will also discover secrets about the books (including first-ever-drafts) that you never knew before!

The magnificent tour of Warner Bros Studios will capture your imagination, and mark a memorable trip that you’ll never forget.

You will also be able to see:

  • Real props from the movies
  • Real sets from the movies
  • Real costumes from the movies
  • Real secrets on how the movies were made

Aubrey Park Hotel provides the perfect destination to kickstart your journey into the magical world of Harry Potter.

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