Our Top Tips For Arranging A Productive Conference

Have you been chosen to organise your next business conference? Let us share some of our top tips to help get the most out of your conference.

Choosing an engaging and interesting event space

Nothing sparks productivity at a conference than an engaging event space. The tip is to figure out what type of space suits your business. Are you looking for something traditional and classic or is a modern and tech savvy space more suited? You’ll find that once you discover the ideal event space for your company, the more motivated and comfortable your delegates will be.

Here at Aubrey Park Hotel, we offer a diverse conference space in Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, catering for both a modern and contemporary feel with our brand new Oak Suite as well as classic English heritage feel, with our Foresters Suite being based in the original house of the hotel.


Plan efficiently

In the run up to your meeting or conference it’s all about the planning. You should be asking yourself, what extras do you need? Has this been arranged with your events team? And this is just for starters. Have you considered the PA system? What about flip charts and stationary? WIFI, is this easily accessible? And an issue often overlooked, parking, is there enough? Planning to have all these extras ready and waiting for you at your event venue will help your conference run smoothly on the day. You know what they say “failing to plan is planning to fail”.


Set an agenda for the day

Similarly to planning efficiently is setting an agenda, ensuring the running of events throughout your conference is productive. Here at Aubrey Park, we recommend planning arrival tea and coffee with pastries to entice your delegates into arriving on time, refreshed and ready for a prompt start time. We also suggest organising refreshment and meal breaks to be set at specific times so that your day is structured, we find this is not only beneficial for delegates in staying engaged but a huge help for conference leaders too!


These are just a few simple tips we have learnt over the years at our events venue, we hope they are of use to you!