Meet the team: Beccie, Our Meetings & Events Coordinator

From weddings to huge corporate conferences (and everything else in-between) our Meetings & Events Co-ordinator Beccie Breeds has worked with them all!

With an impressive 9 years’ experience and her sparkling personality, we’re really proud to have team players like Beccie on board. So pull up a seat, pour yourself a cuppa…and let’s have a chat with Beccie!


So how long have you worked in the Meetings & Events industry and when did you start working at Aubrey Park Hotel?

I started my hotel life working on reception and quickly realised I love seeing all the events, wedding and meetings taking place at the hotel. I have been doing meetings and events for the last 9 years and have previously only worked for chain hotels. I started at Aubrey Park in November 2014, my first independent hotel and I love it!


So what enquiries do you receive on a daily basis?

It really varies, from conferences, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, team building events, bar mitzvahs: no day is ever the same.


Being a Meetings & Events Co-ordinator, what part of your role do you enjoy the most?

The part I enjoy the most is meeting with the customers and building a relationship with them, it is such a privilege to be part of their special events and in some cases the biggest day of their lives. Once a wedding is over I miss speaking with them every day.



So what’s the most interesting event you’ve organised?

A summer event for a local company, where they tasked me with organising a live band, transport to and from the hotel and a James Bond themed evening, it was fun getting quotes and looking for bands and also thinking and sourcing ideas for dressing the room for the evening.


If you were to give any advice to someone about hosting an event, what would it be?

RELAX AND ENJOY IT;  don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress, your wedding or event is meant to be fun and you’re meant to enjoy the lead up 🙂


So the new Conference and Events venue at Aubrey Park Hotel, please tell me more about it! What is it going to look like, how people can it hold?

It’s going to be a great asset to the hotel and to the area, it has been designed to accommodate weddings, special events and even car launches (you can drive a car through the glass doors), maximum capacity will be between 200 – 250 guests, it can be hired as completely private space with no other events taking place in there so each event can have its own entrance, private bar and disco.


New Build First Artist Impression


Finally we’ll finish with a fun question. If you could organise your dream event (with unlimited budget) what would it be?

I would love to organise a wedding somewhere really exotic like the Hawaii, and arrange for all guests to arrive by helicopters and be greeted by Hoola girls, handing out cocktails and placing Leis around everyone’s necks as they come down the steps, going straight into a beautiful beach.
With a ceremony overlooking the sea; where the steel band plays whilst the guests are waiting for the bride to arrive. And after the ceremony, guests would have a cocktail reception before enjoying a beach BBQ for the wedding breakfast. The guests can enjoy a feast fit for a king and dance away into the sunset!